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Durak online to play for free

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Online Durak - a game loved since childhood

This game is a truly Russian phenomenon, a pastime that everyone becomes acquainted with in early childhood and which has saved us from boredom many times. Typically, its basics are taught by friends or classmates, or by advanced parents (some are lucky with their ancestors!). The rules of the game are not complex, and learning them won't require much patience. The main thing is to memorize the names of the suits and understand which card is higher, and which is lower. Other skills and abilities will come with time.

Онлайн дурак

Advantages of play online

Nowadays, everyone has a choice - to play Durak with friends in person (but the older we get, the harder it is to gather these very friends) or to play Durak online on your favorite computer. Moreover, over the past couple of decades, the choice has increasingly been in favor of the latter option. The reasons are obvious. You're sitting at work, stressed out, and suddenly you have a couple of free minutes. Play your favorite childhood game online, shake things up, switch your attention to a more enjoyable activity - and in five minutes, you'll start working with renewed vigor.

Or a similar situation: you come home after a hard day at work, you want to relax, distract yourself, without exerting yourself too much. Books require engaging the thinking process, TV and social media are annoying. Playing Durak online on our website will be a find for you. It's fun, easy, and available at any time of the day.

Durak, Movable durak, Team 2 vs. 2

On our website, several variations of the game are presented online, the most popular among the population. This is the most famous - original durak, no less beloved and movable, and team (pair) play. We're sure you're familiar with the rules well, but if you've forgotten something, you can read them on our website. The language of the instructions is simple, and they will be understood by people of any age and education level.

The lower cards are sixes, the higher ones are aces. Here, there's no need to count points, as in preference or thousand, no need to wait for certain combinations, as in poker. The essence of the game is to discard all cards first, leaving the opponent with part of the deck in hand. Various tactics and strategies are used for this, and each experienced player has their own secrets in stock, and in a real battle, bluffing is also possible. You can play Durak cards online with two, three, or four players simultaneously.

Each participant is dealt 6 cards, a random trump is chosen, and the battle begins. The person with the lowest trump - a 6, and if there is none - a 7, goes first. The task of the other opponents is to "bury" the defender, although there are nuances here. It's advantageous when only two play, and not always advantageous when there are several opponents. Sometimes, to prevent attacks on you, it's better to give the defender a chance to defend themselves.

Why players choose the project

Why you should choose our website:

  • very convenient, repeatedly tested, intuitive interface of the game
  • the quality of graphics is not just excellent, it's impeccable
  • no financial investment required, why spend money - FUN is provided for free
  • you can enlarge the picture to full screen, which will allow you to see even the smallest details
  • you can customize online Durak to your liking, not every other site will offer you such diverse options. Choose the number of cards in the deck (24, 36, 52), the number of players, how many cards will be in the first defense, how much time will be needed to think about the move. You can even choose a shirt for the deck and table design
  • you can fight with the computer, or you can play with a person, for example, invite your friend to measure strength with you.

We hope that these advantages will make you a regular visitor to our resource, and you will want to play again and again. We also recommend playing online Durak at the Club, where besides that, there are hundreds of other popular games!